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Brief History of Homeopathy in Malaysia 1940 - 2009

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Student receiving Bachelor of Homeopathy at Annual Convocation of college.
Dr Zaharah receiving certificate from The Chief Minister of Kelantan and Dr A. K Seth at Kota Bharu in 1998.

Student from Morocco, receiving his diploma.

Foreign Student doing clinical at our teaching hospital, Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia.

Till today Homeopathy has been in existence for almost two centuries. Ever since its discovery Homeopathy has flourished all over the world. In Europe especially in Germany, where it originated, England, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and other European countries, Homeopathy is not uncommon. Likewise it has flourished in Latin America especially in Brazil and Argentina where it has ever gained recognition by their respective governments since the very early days. It has also spread to other American countries.

Over times, Homeopathy has penetrated into Asia such as India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and further south to Australia. For after 127 years Homeopathy finally reached Malaya in 1940's.

It has almost been half a century now that Homeopathy being existence in Malaysia. Over the period only a fraction or our population really knows what is Homeopathy is all about. The process of disseminating information about homeopathy those days was rather slow.

Homeopathy in Malaya was said to be brought here by the Colonel A.S. Rajah, a British Army Officer who later spread the new idea to Mr Burhanuddin Al Helmy. Mr Burhanuddin later went to India to study Islamic Religious Theologies and while at India he suffered from bronchial asthma, who later cured with homeopathy treatment.

While studying religion theologies, he started study homeopathy and qualified both subjects at the same time. He came back to Malaysia in early 40's and started propagating homeopathy, That is the first time, homeopathy were ever mentioned among the Malay society. Dr Burhanuddin Helmy started teaching homeopathy in a class of 15 students at Gunong Semanggol Arabic School. Among them were late Dr Dali Muin, Dr Mohd Noor Nordin, Dr Ghazali Mahmood, Dr Hashim. and later came late Dr Mohammed Yaacob and Dr Hj Abd Hamid Baba.

In 1960 some of these students united to form a homeopathic society by the name of Persatuan Homeopathy Malaysia with the headquarter at Taiping, Perak and later came another Persatuan Homeopathy Bumiputra at Johor Baharu,

A Landmark The Spread of Homeopathy In MalaysiaIV>

In 1977 Dr Nik Omar bin Haji Nik Daud, a young professional who qualified homeopathy at Pakistan Homeopathy Homeopathy Medical College in 1975 and further his education at London, UK came back to Malaysia in 1977 and started a first complete Homeopathic Clinic right in the heart of his home town, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Although homeopathy was little known and widely misunderstood at this time, the cures brought by Dr Nik Omar through his homeopathic prescription won much acclaim for Homeopathy for Homeopathy.

In 1979 with seven students, Dr Nik Omar began teaching homeopathy, thus laying the foundation of the first ever homeopathic college in Malaysia with the name of 'The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia' When started the Advance Diploma in Homoepathy- ADHom. was a three years course. In 1990 the course was upgraded to 4 years Diploma in Homeopathy System - DHMS. In year 2000 when a group of Ministry of Health Malaysia came and inspect the college, a long discussion was held at Kota Bharu and with the advise form Minsitry of Health, we lift up the course at par with other homeopathic institution world wide with a five years - Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine - BHMS.

Today Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia is well respected by all admire of homeopathy throughout the world. Student all over the world are still coming to do various courses such as M.F.Hom. MDHom, Diploma in Acupuncture, Cupping, Naturopathy, Reflexology, etc.

"With 11.5 acres of college compound, it is considered as one of the biggest and only homeopathic and complementary organization in Asean ," says Cindy Tham, The Sun Newspaper July 26, 1998

" Dr Nik Omar has written hundreds of articles about his work in local and oversea newspaper and magazines. His is too bullish. Both his colleagues and rival acknowledge his tremendous energy. All recognise that he, more than anyone, is responsible for raising the medicine's profile in Malaysia," says Allison Nidel, A British Correspondent.

From one department of Homeopathy in 1979, today in year 2009 we have four Department
1. Department of Homeopathy Medicine
2. Department of Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture
3. Department of Malay Medicine
4. Department of Complementary Medicine.

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