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Report From Asian Homeopathic Medical League 1990

Report From Asian Homeopathic Medical League 1990

History of AHML
Report of the 2nd Asian League Congress
at Kuala Lumpur 4 - 6th November 1989

The 2nd Congress of Asian Homeopathic Medical League -AHML was held at Kuala Lumpur from 4-6th November 1989. Dr Jugal Kishore presided over the the function. Two representative from the Government of India i.e. Dr T.K. Das, IAS, Joint Secretary in The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Dr V T Augustine, Deputy Adviser ( Homeopathy), Government of India, also attended the Congress.

The Congress was attended by delegates from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Brunei, UK, USA and Australia. About 50 Malaysia delegates attending the Congress while 40 from India and 20 from Pakistan participated in the Congress. The total number of delegates in this Congress was about 300.

Doctors from different countries presented their papers and enlightening discussions were held on these papers.

Arrangements made by Dr Nik Omar, National Vice-President of AHML at Malaysia, were praiseworthy. He organised the Congress at the International Youth Centre, Kuala Lumpur, with boarding and lodging facilities for the delegates. News and activities of the Congress were promptly published in the news-papers the next day.

A General Assembly Meeting followed by a special General Body meeting of AHML was held in the afternoon of 5-11-1989, where in election for the next three years were also held and the following were elected:

President - Dr Jugal Kishore
Senior Vice President - Dr Girendra Pal
Secretary General - Dr P. Panday
Treasurer - Dr Mohd Qasim

The Following were also nominated:
Secretary ( Adminstration ) - Dr M.L. Agrawal
Secretary ( Research) - Dr Girish Gupta
Secretary ( Education) - Dr A.K. Seth

Newly Elected National Vice President
Dr K.V. John - India
Dr Radeng Supardi - Singapore
Dr Mohamed Salim Ismail - Brunei.

Reported by: P. Panday
Secretary General AHML.

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