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Cancer & Homeopathy By Dr Kudiyat



The incidences of Cancer all over the world are increasing. More and more women also are now suffering from cancer of the female specific organs like breast, uterus and ovaries. Breast cancer used to be a disease of the western women. But it is now affecting Asia, mainly among women over the age of 40. But many teenagers are also affected with breast cancer nowadays. Many other diseases are coming out for which the present medical science fails to give explanations. This is the scenario for an innovative and pioneering enquiry into the problems of the science in general and medical science in particular for finding the deficiencies, limitations and incapacities which produces this situation and finding ways for the furtherance of science making it capable to deal with this kind of situations.

As we all know, science is growing by questioning answers and answering questions. Here we are discussing about a new science called “Dynamic Science” introduced by Dr. Shaji V. Kudiyat who is engaged in cancer research for more than a decade. He calls this new science a complete science. The present science is mainly based on materialistic philosophic perspective. All researches limit itself within the small world of materialism. This is the time this innovative physician and researcher had conducted his innovative analysis of cancer disease through the application of inductive-deductive logic, which is very interesting to look into.

Dr. Shaji V. Kudiyat is basically a Homeopathic Physician. So here this doctor treats patients holistically by considering the mental, emotional spiritual and physical planes together in association with the environment the patient lives in. It is a series of reasonable questioning and answering. Let us go through it:

What is cancer? Cancer is abnormal fast multiplication of cells. Who decides the rate of multiplication of cells in a living organism, particularly human beings? It is decided by the genetic information present in the nucleus of the cells especially in the chromosomes in the nucleus. What are chromosomes? Chromosomes are the genetic information carrying instruments which are made of genes. What are genes? Genes are made of DNA. What is DNA? DNA is Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid. It is made of molecules of deoxyribose, phosphoric acid and four nucleic acids called Adenine, Guanine, Thymine and Cytosine. (Purines and Pyramidines). According to the present scientific knowledge, the sequential arrangement of these 4 nucleic acids carries our genetic information including the rate of multiplication of cells.

Up to this is known to the present science. Dr. Shaji V. Kudiyat is going beyond this using the logical presentation of the current scientific knowledge and also by introducing new scientific hypotheses developed by him. As we continue our logical reasoning - if the sequential arrangement of the nucleic acids carries the genetic information in the DNA, the next question is - who decides the sequential arrangement of nucleic acids in the DNA?

The answer to this question is one of the new hypotheses of Dr. Shaji V. Kudiyat’s Dynamic Science. Before answering the above question, let us find out the difference between a living body and dead body or let us analyze the process of death. We can divide death process into three stages – before, during and after death. There are many organs and material functional ingredients which are functioning in the living body or certain percentage of the organs and other ingredients are functioning if the body is sick. When such a person dies, all the organs and other material functional ingredients which are functioning before death are still present in the dead body, but not capable functioning. This change from the capability of function to incapability of function occurred due to some happenings or changes in the living body during death. What happened during death? Or how we die?

No material organs or ingredients are taken or removed from the body during death. But when we take an EEG (Electro Encephalogram) or an ECG (Electro Cardiogram) which reflects state of energy in the body we can see that there was presence of energy in the brain and heart in the living body where as such energy is absent in the dead body. Ordinary people used to say that “the soul leaves the body during death.” This “energy” which leaves the body during death, which transforms the living body to a dead body, is the one creating and maintaining the living phenomena in any living organism. Ordinary people call this energy as “Soul,” homeopaths call it “Vital Force,” some others call it “Spirit,” etc. Definitely it is an “energy” level entity.

Energy exists in wave form or in vibrational form. Whatever may be the form of existence of energy, each form of energy is distinguished from other forms of energy by three determinants – “frequency, wavelength and amplitude.” Different TV and radio stations broadcast their programs in different frequencies and we tune our TV or radio and select the respective frequency to get into that TV or radio program. In the same way, the living phenomena in a living organism is created and maintained by an energy with a particular frequency, wavelength and amplitude.

Now coming back to our previous question of “who decides the sequential arrangement of nucleic acids in the DNA?” – the new hypothesis of Dynamic Science states that “ the sequence of arrangements of nucleic acids in the DNA that decides everything about a human being including the rate of multiplication of cells is a direct physical expression of the frequency, wavelength and amplitude of the energy, or the vital force or the spirit or the soul that creates and maintains the living phenomena in that person or living organism.” This establishes a connection between vital force or soul and the DNA.
According to Dr. Shaji V. Kudiyat’s Dynamic Science there is one more dynamic entity in a human being called “mind.” Each thought that develop in the mind is an energy vibration or wave with a particular frequency, wavelength and amplitude. So when we allow any kind of thought development in our mind, there exists two energy states in the same medium, which superpose or overlap each other resulting in the alteration or modification of the frequency, wavelength and amplitude of the Vital Force or Soul. This influence can easily understand by studying the theory of resonance and theory of superimposition.

When a vibrating tuning fork resonate its energy to the string of a Sonometer or the modifications of frequency, wavelength and amplitude of two overlaping waves explains the modifications of the frequency, wavelength and amplitude of the Soul or Vital Force by the overlapping of the thought waves that developed in the mind. The Dynamic Scientific hypotheses states that “ the positive, peaceful, happy and comfortable thoughts modify the soul constructively whereas the negative emotional thoughts such as anger, hatred, enmity, depression, fear, anxiety, jealousy, feeling of guilt, worries, etc. resonate or superpose and modify the frequency of the soul destructively. When the frequency, wavelength and amplitude of the soul or vital force is modified constructively (positively) or destructively (negatively), the sequence of arrangement of nucleic acids in the DNA get rearranged accordingly causing a constructive (healthy) or destructive (unhealthy) mutation in the DNA.

Thus the mind plays an important role in the development of either healthy or unhealthy mutations in our body. The above explanations also scientifically establish the relationship between mind, vital force and DNA or the relationship between the dynamic components and physical component in the living organism.

The mutation of the DNA also can be caused by two other routes also. They are (1) through the direct resonation and alteration of the frequency, wavelength and amplitude of the vital force by external radiations like X-rays, cosmic radiations, thoughts of others and any other man made and natural radiations and (2) chemical reactions through the physical body by the toxic or carcinogenic ingredients of the food, drinks and medicines we take and also through the contents of the air we inhale.
Whatever may be the source of the cause of abnormal mutation, we need to identify and remove the maintaining cause from the mental, emotional, spiritual and/or physical planes and then need to modify and fix the mental concepts and attitudes to a positive, natural, peaceful, healthy, happy and comfortable level so that the thoughts that develop from such a mind can resonate and superpose the vital force to modify its frequency, wavelength and amplitude which in turn will cause a curative mutation in the DNA.

Why more women suffer from cancer of the female specific organs like breast, uterus and ovaries?
Today’s women suffers more from cancer particularly cancer of the female specific organs like breast, uterus and ovaries. This has something to do with the state of mind of today’s women. They are liberated, decision makers and are tough individuals. “Feminity” is softness and smoothness. Many women are employed today especially in responsible decision making positions and many women are the breadwinner at home also. When women become a decision maker, they lose their feminity (softness and smoothness) and unknowingly become tougher individuals. But the female specific organs can remain healthily only in a soft and smooth environment, find difficulty to survive healthily in the tougher environment. Ultimately such females manifest their toughness in the form of tumors in their female specific organs. When they become aggressively tough, these tumors become malignant, killing them. Even the development of benign tumors makes them abnormal by making them incapable of fulfilling their basic mission as a female. Ex.: A woman with myoma of the uterus may not be able to become pregnant as the myoma acts as a foreign body preventing implantation of the fertilized ovum. This is similar to the situation of a loop deposited inside the uterus for artificial family planning which acts as a foreign body preventing pregnancy. Such tough minded females also develop difficulty in having normal delivery as the tough mind can express the toughness to the body by increasing the muscle tone of the females which in turn prevent the dilatation of the vagina during delivery, causing cesarean.
Dynamic Science has other areas of understanding also. It scientifically defines “God, Man, Matter and Universe.” This science incorporates the dynamic entities like mind and soul or vital force with physical body and thus completes the science. It is expected that the future of the science will be of the “Dynamic Science.”


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