Saturday, October 10, 2009

Malaysian Homeopathic Congress 2009

No Of delegates attended : 200
Contries : 22 Countries
Conference at First World Hotel, Genting Highland

18th & 8 th International Conference on Homeopathy

Among International Homeopath attended: Dr Naik from CCRH Govt of India, Mrs Montaka from TCM Unit Govt of Thailand, Dr Faisal Ramdan of Kuwait, Dr Baksi of Bakson India, Dr SM Singh, Dr A K Seth, Dr Daryani, Dr Kudiyat, Dr Jagesg Gupta, Dr Sapna Gupta, Dr Girish Gupta, Dr Paula of Australia, Dr Aminah and Dr Ismail from Canada, Dr Michelle Hong Kong, Dr lee China, Mrs Roda from phillipine, Mrs Wati, Indonesia, Dr Kocabas of Saudi Arabia etc......

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