Thursday, October 7, 2010

Armenian Homeopathy

Armenian LMHI Report 2009
Report by the National Vice-President for Austria

2009 was a very fruitful year for our Association and for all Armenian homeopaths. Drs. M. Gharbaghtsyan, R. Khojasaryan, N. Zakaryan and L. Saakyan attended a seminar of Drs. Pareek in India. Doctor H. Pfeiffer conducted a seminar for our members in Yerevan.

The Armenian Association of International Homeopaths and “Nor Arev” organized our 3rd International Homeopathic Congress. Doctors U. Fisher (Germany), A. Pareek, R. S. Pareek (India), D. Spinedi (Switzerland), H. Pfeiffer (Germany) were presenters. About 100 doctors-homeopaths from Armenia, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine enjoyed the meeting, with some interested patients and students of Medical Universities.

Four doctors passed clinical internship.

With “Nor Arev,” we initiated the homeopathic treatment at an orphanage.

The problem of the sale of complex drugs continues, and the pharmacological authority requires approval from a doctor-homeopath for licensing.

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