Sunday, May 24, 2009

The 'Right' of Using Title 'Doctors'

Letter To The Editor
New strait Times Malaysia 3/9/1990

I am sorry and disappointed that in this modern world, where people have easy access to various form of information, there are people still in the darkness and confusing himself with the titles of doctors.

I would like to stress here that those people who call themselves doctors deserve the title, such as Medical doctors (M.D), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)., Homeopathic Doctor ( H/Dr), Dentist, Veterinarian, Doctor of Divinity, etc.

These people are specialised in their own respective fields. However, I believe that in order for one not to be confused, the various titles should be used in full, such as M/Dr ( Medical doctor), V/Dr ( veterinary doctors), P/Dr ( Doctor of Philosophy), H/Dr ( Doctor of Homeopathy), etc.

In conclusion, by law, if the word 'doctor' were combined with a certain profession or any specialised field, it will refer to that particular profession or field.

Note that: MB BS is not a doctor as it is a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. MD is a medical doctor.

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