Friday, April 3, 2009

Book: Diseases Of Infant & Children, Their Homeopathic Treatment By Dr E Harris Ruddock

This book published by Society of Homeopath, Pakistan

Dr E Hariis Ruddock was a licentiate of The Royal College of Physician.

There are eight chapters in the book.

Dr Ruddock has given a very simple way to explain how to treat Diseases of Infant and Children with homeopathic medication which works wonders.

In Chapter 1: He has listed 73 remedies that responded with homeopathy. Top list are aconite, chamomilla, Apis Mel., Arnica, Ars Alb., Cup Met., Ferrum Met, Graphite, Calcl Carb, etc.

In Chapter 2: General Direction For The Management of Infants.
Such as how to treat The Newly born infant, Still Birth Infant, Washing & Bathing, Warm Bath Clothing, Sleep, Feeding, etc.

In Chapter 3: Examples of Dietary For Healthy Children at Different Ages

Part 11: How To Treat : Scalet fever, Dropsy, Constipation, Feverish, Coughing, Chicken Pox, Whooping Cough, Mump, cold ( selsema, flu, batuk dll)

Other disease such as Chronic Hydrocepalus, Infantile Convulsion, Chorea, Sleeplessness, Epistaxis, Bleeding from Nose, cold, coryza, Diarrhoea, crying, hernia ( uluran atau angin pasang), difficulty in walking, cannot talk, slow development, etc.

This book was presented to The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia Library by Prof Dr Khalid Masood Qureshi. There about 50 book donated by Homeopathic Stores & Hospital in 1990

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