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Recognition of Homeopathy Under Serious Consideration Of The Government of Pakistan.

Homeopathy History

East Pakistan Health Minister Opens Homeopathic Conference

Chittagong, East Pakistan 17th March 1963

The Minister for Health, East Pakistan, Mr Bhabani Shanker Biswas disclosed here today that the Provincial Government are seriously considering the question of extending recognition to Homeopathic System of Medicine despite the Ordinance by the Central Government regarding the Unani, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Practitioner's Act.

The Minister said, so while inaugurating the All Pakistan Homeopathic Conference Chittagong at Muslim Institute to-day.

The Conference was attended by delegates from both wings of the country including Dr Pasha from Karachi.

The Minister while speaking in bengali said though this science was not approved by the Government yet the people of this country have extended recognition to it.
Mr Biswas was himself was a homeopathic practitioner and had undertaken extensive research work in the various branches of this science declared that Homeopathic Medicines worth Rs 5/- could extend benefit equal to allopathic medicine costing Rs 500/-

He further said that civilized countries in the world had adopted this science and it should be adopted here too taking into consideration the requirement of a large number of people who are basically poor.

Courtesy from The Homeopathic Magazine Lahore Issue 4, 1963

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