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History of Pakistan Homeopathic Trust Hospital, Lahore

Pakistan Homeopatic Trust Hospital Lahore

It History
To All Students, Lectures & Staffs of
Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Homeopathic Trust Hospital

Let be Known to Eveybody
The Past History of Our College.
In order to understand the present, please understand the past.

Hardly a furlong from Duran Road, which is now a road of neglected pavement, magnificent building and improvised, ramshackle huts and hovels, stands a chees-coloured building in Muhammad Nagar, taller than most of its neighbours,with Homeopathic Trust Hospital written large on its front.

This institution is a very good example of what self-help can achieve in the matter of providing free medical treatment to persons of lower-income groups. During the 2 1/2 years of its existence the Homeopathic Trust Hospital has dealt with nearly 50 thousand patients, with daily average of more than 50 visitors ( now more tha 200 ) It was with some prevision of the useful role this institution that on its inauguration in December 1959, Mr Akhter Hussain, a former Governor of West Pakistan, has said during a message,

" In a welfare state provision of free cheap medical treatment in an important and much needed social service, and any voluntary effort in this direction deserves encouragement."

The idea of this hospital actually originated in a prayer in 1953 by a young homeopath, Dr Muhammad Illyas Masood Qureshi, who lay ill and hope of a cure. He prayed that if he ever got well, he would devote himself to the establishment of a hospital, providing free treatment, board and clothing.
The prayer was heard. The young doctor recovered and set about fulfilling his promise.
It was at this juncture that the Homeopathic Stores & Hospital, owned by a doctor father himself a homeopath, understood to finance the noble venture and has all alone defrayed its major expenses. The Homeopathic stores donated 10 % of of their income to the hospital..

The site of the hospital has been acquired at the price of Rs 13,000 in 1954 within a year of the original founder's recovery at a time when finances of the homeopathic hospital were none too good. The period of 1954 to 1959 was marked by formation of a trust called Homeopathic Trust , which now runs the hospital.

Before we cross the threshold it must be mentioned that Homeopathic Trust Hospital was inaugurated by the very August, the late Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Hassan, who for long time directed the destinies of a well known institution for religious instruction in Nila Gumbad, lahore called the Jamia-i-Ashrafia.

The hospital facilities include ground floor space of the building is taken up bu doctor's office, a dispensary, a store room, a waiting hall for out door patients and library, which has a valuable collection of medical books including a liberal contribution by Asia Foundation.

In basement is a specious hall, which divided between a clinical laboratory, ab X ray plants and a go down.

Up stairs, on the first floor are four well furnished family wards, two each for male and female patients Adjoining the ward is a small kitchen.

The present accommodation has been made available at the cost of RS 75,000 and the hospital authorities particularly acknowledge the contribution of a businessman, a refugee from Dalhousie, a a proprietor of a local brick kiln. The former surrendered his property claim for rupee 16,000 in favour of the hospital and the later contributed eleven thousand bricks.

Perhaps the most edifying example of a self sacrifice in this connection is provided by chief mason of the hospital Mr Ali Muhammad, who has donated Rs 1800 in the shape of free service rendered.

At one stage of the construction, Dr Ilyas Masood says, the finance of Homeopathic Trust Hospital were so completely exhausted that he was not in position to pay the bill for two thousand rupees , who has supplied the goods, just couldn't wait. The doctor had never been in such a tight corner before. But when he went home for his meal, for which he had absolutely no appetite under the circumstances, and explained the quandary he was in to his mother, she got up and quietly and retired to her apartment.

And when the old lady returned after a short absence, which has seemed interminable to the waiting son, she produced a small box and on opening it counted exactly three thousand rupees, which more than paid the amount of the bill and saved the situation.......... will continue

by Dr Nik Omar of Malaysia, ex student Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Trust Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan. I was trained in this hospital between 1970-1975

Courtesy from The Homeopathic Magazine, Lahore Vol.33/No.8 Dated 22 nd April 1963

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