Monday, April 6, 2009

Letter from LMHI - International League From Germany

Close Friends, Prof Nik Omar Malaysia ,with President LMHI Dr Ulrich D. Fischer from Germany and Dr Renzo Gallassi, Secretary General LMHI from Italy, at Liga Congress in Belgium 2008

Dear friends,

First of all a warm greeting from Italy. I write to you in order to let you know the important message of our president Ulrich Fischer. I also remember to you that our meeting of the International Council will be held in Warsaw on 26th of August. You will receive further information, but at the moment I give you the date of the meeting in order to reserve your flight and hotel. regards, renzo galassi- general secretary

Subject: LMHI office in Bonn

Dear friends of the Executive Committee, you will remember that Mrs. Gugerell/Vienna, the former secretary of the LMHI administration retired from work.Already some time ago, Thomas Peinbauer informed us about the need to look for of a new help for our membership administration.During the last year the officers of the LMHI and especially Thomas Peinbauer, have been thinking about alternatives.

Considering different possibilities,the best option now was to join the administration office of the German Association of Homeopathic Physicians (Deutscher Zentralverein homöopathischer Ärzte -DZVhÄ) in Bonn. The fact that our new LMHI website has been developed in close cooperation with the DZVhÄ and the fact that Christoph Trapp (the spokesman, press-responsible of the DZVhÄ) is not only willing to support LMHI in its press work but also will be responsible for the electronic version of the LMHI newsletter had almost as logical consequence to start an office cooperation with the DZVhÄ.

This cooperation is limited until our Warsaw Congress in august. We will then see if this cooperation will be continued or not. Last Friday, 3.of april, the joint office DZVhÄ - LMHI has been officially inaugurated by the LMHI President and the President and the board of the DZVhÄ. It is quite a special day and event for LMHI because -with a relative small amount of money we will do a big step towards a professional administration and promotion of LMHI and that means to a future which corresponds to the needs of an organization as it represents the LMHI.

In Bonn, at this moment, Mrs. Caroline Geisler is working on the last details of the LMHI website and together with Mr. Trapp on the 1. edition of the LMHI newsletter (published twice a year and being used for LMHI news and reports). The LMHI LigaLetter will be continued in -paper copy- as usual. Mrs. Geisler and Mr. Trapp will be supported by Mrs. von Ahlen (the DZVhÄ secretary) who will work certain hours also for the LMHI, continuing the work of Mrs. Gugerell.

Going in small steps, last Friday I could see in Bonn, that the construction of our new website is on a good way and will be soon online. I had also the 1.- edition of the LMHI newsletter in my hands which will be sent to our members right after being online with our website .

It remains to wish you all HAPPY EASTER and a Easter week which might help to remind all responsible persons in this world of the need of light and peace for everybody.

Dr. Ulrich D. Fischer

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