Sunday, August 23, 2009

Homeopathy in Bulgaria - LMHI Report 2009

Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationlis - LMHI
International Homeopathic Medical League
Warsaw, Poland, August 2009

In September 2008 we had National Annual Conference of AHPB where the first European diplomas were officially distributed to members of our association. We had guests from Ministry of Health and they were very much impressed by the results presented by our homeopathic physicians. Next conference will be in October 2009.
General Practitioners and Homeopathy. We had the chance to form a very successful team from members of AHPB, Friends of Homeopathy Society in Bulgaria and the representatives of the DHU in Bulgaria. AHPB prepared a brochure - “Homeopathy for GP’s” to inform about different levels of practicing homeopathy; our association (AHPB), ECH and LMHI (main objectives, standards on education and good homeopathic practice, websites addresses, etc) and the fact that there are homeopathic doctors in Bulgaria fully trained according to ECH and AHPB standards. The booklet was distributed to 4000 GPs in Bulgaria and they were invited to a one day seminar. We had personal contact with 189 doctors and make them aware of the quality of our work as association and as practitioners.
The public - Homeopathy week in April – ‘Homeopathy and allergies”. A Happening in the South Park of Sofia “Flowers and allergies” with special program for children. A lot of leaflets about Week of Homeopathy and Homeopathy as a method were distributed. Before that Happening – very good PR. The results – 21 publications ( newspapers, monthly magazines, big TV channels, online media publications, Radio broadcast) and many new friends of homeopathy, ;

AHPB future plans:
a. “World Week of Breastfeeding“- 01-07. August 2009 – to talk about „Homeopathy and breastfeeding mothers“
b. Second module for GP’s in September – every GP will receive a personal invitation for 1 day seminar “Homeopathy and Acutes” and an invitation for AHPB Conference. The seminars will be again in 10 towns, supported by DHU
c. National conference in OCTOBER 2009; The plan this year is to invite as many allopathic doctors as possible and to built a bridge between the two groups of doctors.
d. participation in the Working group for changes in Chapter 6 “Alternative medicine” in Health Law
e. Organization of Homeopathy Week in April 2010, “Homeopathy and Mental Wellbeing“

Dr. Dora Pachova

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