Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Visit By Vice President of Homeopathy Pakistan

Kuala Lumpur 25 July 2009

A delegation of Homeopathy from Pakistan headed by Dr Sh Azhar intisar, Vice President of Asian Homeopathic Medical league Pakistan Chapter has visited The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur for 3 days.

In his mission, Dr Azhar has appointed Dr Nik Omar as his representative of Homeopathic Product from Pakistan Three AAY Homeopathic Pharmacy. They have brought few sample of the product to be tested in Malaysia.

In his speech Dr Azhar said that Malaysia and Pakistan has a close partnership for the last 3o years when Dr Nik Omar who was responsible to bring both the country together through Unity Through Homeopathy.

Dr Nik Omar study from Pakistan in 1970 and till now 2009 he is still remian close to us., 'says Dr Azhar.

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